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Skincare Using PURITI Manuka Honey

September 05, 2022 3 min read

Pure Manuka honey in New Zealand is well known for its superior health benefits and fantastic skincare properties! A natural antioxidant, it possesses unique anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antibacterial characteristics that may assist with skin health, soothing and fighting free radical damage.

Beautifully created from New Zealand’s native Manuka flowers, this special variety of honey is very useful to have on hand. Not only delicious, when used as a PURITI honey mask, spot treatment or alongside other beneficial skin-friendly ingredients. Improving the appearance and wellness of the surface of the skin. 

Great for hydration

A natural humectant, high-quality Manuka honey draws moisture into the skin and acts as a barrier preventing the loss of hydration. This makes it the perfect solution to helping improve dry or cracked skin and lips. Mix with a little brown sugar and it becomes the perfect lip & skin exfoliant for smooth, beautiful feeling skin. 

Fights bad bacteria

Packed full of minerals, amino acids and vitamins, genuine Manuka Honey also possesses antibacterial properties that fight bad bacteria. Problematic skin issues such as acne can be caused by irritating skin bacteria.

Aids in the production of collagen

Manuka honey benefits are not only limited to healing and moisturising. It also acts as a gentle exfoliant to the skin gently washing away dead skin cells leaving beautiful, healthy skin behind. As a result, it has been suggested to aid in the production of collagen - a  protein-based substance that helps the skin maintain its elasticity and youthful appearance. Helping create firmer, plumper and more hydrated skin. 

Packed with B-Vitamins which have been shown to reduce the effects of ageing and help with the recreation of new, healthy cells - Raw and unpasteurized Manuka Honey is the ideal skin solution. 

Try using it as a cleanser with a few drops of water or apply straight to your face!

What makes PURITI honey the most powerful skin solution?

Here at PURITI, we are the experts in producing high-quality Manuka honey you know you can trust. Operating under higher levels of transparency, we ensure all our products maintain stringent levels of testing with greater levels of MGO in all our UMF ratings. We even voluntarily test for glyphosate-residue and all batches of New Zealand Manuka honey UMF. 

These are just some of the reasons why PURITI is one of the best Manuka honey brands in New Zealand. 

The UMF grading system was established in 1997 to assess the quality of the honey. It tests for four main chemical markers from the nectar and one DNA marker from the pollen to identify authentic Manuka honey. The higher the UMF rating, the greater the potency anti-bacterial activity. UMF certified you can be sure the unique properties of this special variety of honey will be received. 

PURITI UMF Manuka honey rating of 22+ has an MGO level of 1000 mg/kg (ppm). Above the legal requirement of 971 mg/kg (ppm).With such high levels of MGO and rigorous testing, you can be guaranteed you are getting the best quality Manuka honey with a high amount of nutritional benefits. 

Some care should be taken when using high UMF rated jars of honey directly on the skin, as these types of honey are more potent, yet more acidic. The honey should, as a result, be mixed with other ingredients skin-friendly ingredients or diluted. 

With PURITI, you can be sure the honey purchased is of the highest quality and some of the best Manuka Honey in NZ.

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